7 Things You Can Sell For Extra Cash Now


7 Things You Can Sell For Extra Cash Now


The best part about these items, is that they not only make you more money, but they declutter your space at the same time. Don’t love it? Ditch it…


  1. Electronics


You likely have old cell phones, i-somethings, music, movies, or a fourth TV in the house. These items can cover an expense, or four, if you get them sold before they get old.


Just when you think they don’t have any value, you forget that parents love inexpensive, yet useful gifts like old cameras and play phones that do the basics without the new bells and whistles. Some VCRs and old plug-in phones are turning into collector’s items again – so hot right now.


  1. Shoes

They serve an equal purpose to any foot of equal size. And wow, is it ever easy to forget how many you already own and buy just one more “cute” pair that were on sale. Try a new fun rule like “one in, two go out” until you get down to your most joyful closet ever.

In order to do this, it’s time to get rid of the ones you bought and hated after one wear. Sell them for half and re-coupe more than you expected.


  1. Winter gear


You ski, you snowshoe, you secretly collect winter jackets.

Although they don’t fly for much in the summer,  you’ll recover precious down-filled storage space if you can get these out during autumn or winter.

These include the old skis you keep meaning to “do something” with all the way to the

Even vintage gear has value. The brighter, the better.


  1. Kitchen Appliances


There are usually two reasons – you want a new better one, or you hardly use it at all. Either way, that means something needs to move to make new space useful again and luckily people love their kitchen appliances.


They are some of the most sought after items for any home, so sell and replace with market value awareness. (I can’t deny that 2 of my 3 most used appliances were pricy but carefully considered – a slow juicer, commercial home blender and an old school stone wheat grinder)


  1. Furniture


“I’ll just sand it down and refinish it!” said every person reading this. Except you didn’t finish them, or in my case – didn’t start them!


While pinterest is addicting, it’s not practical to attempt to pinterest your entire house out.


And rather than waiting for the day a space will magically open up for that one item you got at a garage sale for free, turn it around and sell those valuable wood pieces that everyone else will make space for!


Not to mention all of those little kids pieces that accumulate and become useless in-what-seems-like-a-few-months later.


  1. Home Decor


This sounds crazy, but these items are like hot cakes. I know becuase I was shocked how fast some of them sold, even opened paint cans. It’s becuase they’re all so expensive new!


But that also includes window coverings, nursery wall accessories, trendy items that you are tired of looking at, bedding, light fixtures and mirrors. Oh yes – mirrors are gold.


  1. Car Accessories


Not just the most obvious tires are nestled into this category – but the big items that everyone wants but hardly anyone sells! Thule-type storage racks, bike racks, cheap winter rims, even specific replacement items like new floor mats can sell on the right platform.


You only find out how popular they are once you post them and realize just how crazy car parts are new! This a growing category for many and guess what – it’s not going anywhere anytime soon so keep selling the excess.


WHERE to sell? Try Kijiji, Craigslist, Facebook Shop and Swap-type groups or a good old multi-family garage sale. They all have their pros and cons.

Whether $50 or $500, those are the amounts that start to make a difference in the right direction. Unexpected money is the best money of all.

What are you going to sell first? Comment below!



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