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Moms! The Answer to Receiving Sanity is Here.


You’re ‘supposed’ to wake up before the children, ideally 6am, with a smile on your face so you can exercise and/or start the first beloved load of laundry. Mmm fresh dirty laundry. Maybe clean some dishes to round out the first hour.

Where do I sign up?

As you are tip-toeing with anxiety over which child will wake up first from which noise you make, you should begin to make a really good handmade breakfast. None of that frozen waffle, milk-n-cereal crap. That’s cheating. Belgian waffles with vanilla bean whipped cream sans GMO’s please and thanks.

Ensure your success by posting pics to Instagram, get them fed in record time and before you run school kids out the door – check to make sure you are wearing pants.

No pants? A housecoat is secondarily suitable. Scrape oatmeal from the shoulder where the kids hugged you, and GO!

Now to keep that home perfect and the young children entertained all day long. Which often ends in shopping at the mall to kill time. Or find a newer better house to dream of. Or stop at a kid’s playplace or get a coffee out. Or grocery shop for the 5th time…

See the pattern?

Our generation is realizing that parenting is tough, emotional health is stretched, people are busier than ever and expenses are rising up, up, up!

Partly, with ourselves to blame. Our egos love to do it all ourselves. Or at least look like we are.

The village is dying and we’re left alone… to fend in larger homes with more stuff and less time wondering “How did our parents do this with 6 kids?”

HOLD THE BRAKES MOMS & DADS. It’s time to regain some sanity.

What if I could give you 2 simple things that will increase joy and decrease wasted dollars and brain cells? And no, it’s not turning your cell phone off, although…. #youvethoughtaboutit

You’d be in! So join me, cause I still haven’t mastered a single one.


If you have less stuff overall – you have more life to live. I mean less of EVERYTHING. Less clothing, less house, way fewer toys, even less kitchen equipment.

TOP 5 reasons why this matters:
-less messes = less mental break downs
-less laundry = less folding and fewer piles (imagine…)
-less to buy and replace= less money out the door
-less to think about= more brain space (if there is any left at all)
-less space required to hold it= less places to look when, not if, you lose things

I am constantly purging and asking “do we need this?”… and asking my village for help! Yes that big “H” word we hate to use. Since when did we get scared to share our stuff or feel inadequate for aid?

Nobody makes it through life without help.

For instance – we needed to pack our lives into a wagon to travel to a wedding + camping + road bike + 5 other activities we plugged into our week, so a family lent us their Thule roof rack! Or the friend who lent our daughter her pink bike until they need it back. Beyond the initial cost savings, I don’t have to sell it again, or store it, or loathe it later. In total, there are about 300 other things I prefer to borrow from kids winter boots to lawn edgers.

Literal time, space, storage, and money solutions all-in-one.

>>Your first assignment:

Pick one room or one theme this week, and clear it out. Only put back the items you love and use most. Remove the rest. Enjoy your new fresh simple space. Sanity now up to 50% returned. (And if you’re a new Mom – ask someone for a NAP or a SHOWER sans baby! So needed.)


If you’ve lost your village, what better way to build it back up than meeting and spending time with other humans! We’ve isolated ourselves so much that it’s almost awkward to invite anyone over because you expect:

A) they won’t get your message in time or ignore it on purpose (when it says “read”)
B) they’ll always decline because they’re too busy
C) they might not want to

We’ve all got those fears deep down. The inconvenience. The schedules. The dirty house!


Nothing makes me feel more comfortable than being in an imperfectly clean home.

And sitting down with other adults pretending to be adults. Cause we really are all kids inside trying to make sense of this adulting thing called ‘parenthood’.

We all need our playdates and friends to bond with. We need our parties and hot chocolate dates to refresh our spirits. Cry. Laugh. Forget you have responsibilities. You know… human basics!

Get the village back. You can talk about things other than what your kids do and it’s like going to the gym – it might seem like a pain at first, until you get there and are so happy you went.

You will LAUGH more which makes you happier and sleep better! Minus when your kids wake you…

You can not have to entertain your children for at least 5 minutes straight. On average, that could more like 20min+ if you hit the toy jackpot.

More important realization to this, is that we were built to have villages, to have circles, to have friendship and meaningful relationships that stretch us. And bring us back down to where our bare feet hit the soft Earthy sand.

>>Your second assignment:

Plan a playdate for yourself. Whether solo *swoon* or with kids. Not for your kids, for YOU.

BUT BY ALL MEANS, IF ALL ELSE FAILS – PRAY. Yes, you can say those on the toilet.

Do you save money and brain cells with any other techniques? Do share in either of the comment boxes. I’d love to hear them. Bonus points if I laugh out loud.




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