My Investment Income Report


Have you been putting off investing?

Investing kind of feels like it’s #52 in a list of 5,000 things you have to do, doesn’t it?

In parenting, I call it putting out the massive fires, while maintaining the smaller ones. And this one probably seems smaller. Except it secretly is massive becuase compound interest is the coolest thing, ever. When you sleep, your money grows. Doesn’t that sound nice?

What happens in our brains though:

“My money is fine in the savings account”

“We don’t have that much to invest anyways”

“It will take so much time to find a good advisor”

“What if I lose money?”

Obviously I’ve been in those shoes.

Now you can see my shoes many steps later. Nope they aren’t high heeled Jimmy Choo’s, more like Canadian mocassins built to last and outlast any environment. (I’m so into flats right now)

In order to grow money while you sleep, this is where you learn a crazy valuable lesson in mindset AND taking action.

Let me quickly smash those quotes for you

First – your money is depreciating in a savings account! If you aren’t making AT LEAST 2% interest per year, your $20 today is worth less than that next year. YOU ARE LOSING MONEY. That’s right, gone are the days of “high interest savings” accounts at a bank. (as if they are even allowed to name it that at less than 1% interest)

Second – the way you get to save a million dollars is by starting at $1. Then $10. Then $100 and up from there. Whatever the amount may be – that’s where you start! The 2k Savings Club started off strong this year and while it isn’t open at the moment, you can start your own copy-cat version now with a mere $50 automatically taken away each paycheck into somewhere that pays you interest. Will you even notice it? Investing small now is exactly how you get rich later.

Third- Yep, you will want to check out more than one advisor at more than one place. Confident to invest on your own? Check out online self-directed options. While you won’t avoid back-end fees, you will have full control and learn a lot. If you want a professional, include a smaller more dynamic company in your listing. (not just your comfy bank) Ask friends about their returns (not just if they like them). Ask questions about fees and only invest once you say “Ohhh yeah this guy/gal is the shiz-nit”

Fourth – Investing has ups. Investing how downs. The idea is to have way more ups over time than downs. Notice those words- over time? It’s a long term game. You lose nothing when they go down because they are still in stock that eventually will go back up! In fact, buying when they are down is kind of the best time to mitigate risk. What’s the likelihood they will go down more versus head back up? Yeah, see how easy that is.

My ACTUAL returns including fees

Of course you can insert the “disclaimer here” because I’d rather help someone get out of debt, than spend time in court – I’m in no way proposing you copy me, take investing advice or run and #buyallthewra… I mean stocks.

What I AM suggesting, is going and learning more. Asking questions. Taking action towards your goals in the way that feels right to you and hoping, this helps you answer some long standing Q’s about investment fear. (yes, you can ask me anything in the comments!)

For example, if you are super fee-averse and want to self manage with balanced risk, I would say: check out index funds! I’ve only known about them a short time but am quite impressed with the simplicity of an all-in-one fund. You learn something new everyday, right?

I also won’t be naming any funds or advisor names cause that’s just not what this is about. It’s about knowing what other people are doing in a world that doesn’t talk about money.

Good bad or amazing, I’m happy to share how I used to lose money to fees and finally have found someone I not only trust, but who shows me through real results that meet or exceeds our initial expectations ←- how you should judge your advisor over time!

And I’m no expert on funds or investing – I started where you are. I mainly hope to speed your process up past the “this isn’t what I signed up for’s” and onto the “why didn’t I do this sooner’s”

Here are pure honest returns after all fund fees were paid in order of smallest investment to largest (it happens to look orderly but it’s by amount, not %):


Sooo that gives me a solid double digit return in 2015 on money that could have just sat in a “high interest savings” making half a percent, that I would then pay taxes on haha. #painful

It hurts to write that because it’s so bad and so true. And I’ve done it and paid those pathetic taxes.

So are you going to start interviewing prospects? Need help finding a way?

If you love what you read and learn, you can grab my fun e-guide on financial freedom here (and a little more about my story too) by adding your name and email and clicking I WANT THIS! (cause I mean, don’t you?)

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