The Fool-Proof Way to Spend Less on Valentine’s Day



Nor shall you order anything online.

(You know it’s gonna be a good post when the answer is the intro.)

Because Valentine’s Day is one of the least romantic days of the year!!!!

Oddly enough, it is estimated that men & women blow 18.9 BILLION dollars for this day of L-bombness.

Here are 25 things we could do with 19 Billion Dollars instead.

Let’s rename it shall we…

Day of being in the red?
Day of making single people feel even more single?
Day of roses-cost-a-lot-more-than-usual?
Day of awkwardly testing every new couple’s expectations?


The Facts

  1. It is the worst day to eat dinner of the entire year. I can’t tell you how exhausting it was to serve couples who clearly felt forced to go out, and to pretend to be as excited as them for your third engagement of the night. (Don’t do it!) Not only has everyone already thought of this event, but the food and wait times are horrific. It’s not so romantic when you’re hangry at each other. (hungry+angry. It’s a beloved word in my vocab)
  2. Flowers are far more special on any other day, as an actual surprise. You know, when you want to make them feel special on a special day. Don’t pick V-Day. Pick the day she forgot about that you remembered. Or drop off one flower everyday for a week, for no reason at all. THAT is romantic.
  3. Cards now cost on average $5 and how many end up recycled? Right, all of them. Get some cool paper, glue and bedazzle her card like it’s 1999. Steal your kid’s Frozen stickers. Whatever you do, be sure you not buying some lame card the industry CREATED to make more card sales after Christmas. (Look it up, total scam)
  4. The pressure to make the special day more special than everyone else’s is ridiculous. Self-check what love it really about before you go wild trying to impress someone on the 14th. Impress her with things that really matter – like cleaning the entire kitchen AND a back massage. Yes. (Can someone tag my husband???)
  5. Jewelry is increasing the average spend per person above Mother’s Day and Halloween spending. Over $500 means some people are all out buying thousands of dollars of rings and necklaces. Get a simple chain and put an existing ring on it. Better yet: get her some Gold stock – now THAT is innovative and fantastic to get your money back out of if things don’t “pan” out.

The Not-So-Insane Truth

  1. Don’t look at what anyone else does and keep that day true to your own relationship and your money situation. Back away from the red hearts and sale signs.
  2. If you are in, buy something of value, or at least re-usable (new kitchen appliance anyone? Lingerie for the lovers? A good book!)
  3. If you want to do something special, try making dinner or taking friends out for a nice coffee date. Include the single people that day. Spend time together.
  4. Use WORDS this V-day instead of THINGS. (Bonus – find out their love language to really make it fit perfectly)
  5. Don’t be afraid to be the sole couple standing. We need to stop the Valentine’s madness and get back to having fun on your own terms. Wall climbing anyone? A hike on the weekend? Couples yoga date. Or nothing at all. #loveallyearlong


If you want to scream “I have no unique romantic bone in my body…”

Then quickly book your table at the last reso in the city, and you’ll find the tacky red-ribboned chocolate boxes at the front of the store. If they are sold out, upgrade to the nearest necklace that has real diamonds for 50% off twice the original price, and you’re set!

Can you feel me?

What do you think of V-day in your relationship???

10 replies
  1. Chrissy
    Chrissy says:

    Thanks for writing this. My husband is the breadwinner and I always find it difficult to plan a gift or night out. I served on the Vegas strip and Valentine’s Day was/is INSANE. They PACK people in, making two 2 tops out of 4 tips, etc and it was miserable for the workers because let’s face it the tips are terrible because the patrons who think it’s a good idea can’t afford it anyway! I’m glad that I’m not the only one who doesn’t get too excited about this day and this makes me feel less guilty for (maybe) not even getting a card for my husband.

  2. Kim
    Kim says:

    YES YES !!!!! I totally agree over rated, over commercialized “holiday”… Thanks for sharing 😉 love to you and your fam.

  3. Lindsey
    Lindsey says:

    I agree with you Megan! I do think the day is a great big marketing money maker and people aren’t choosing to be romantic on Valentine’s Day. Lets face it, if you have a significant other and Valentine’s Day rolls around you have to do something…if you choose not to get something for your partner, and it wasn’t a joint decision, you will be the water cooler discussion or play group discussion the next day, and it won’t be good.
    With that being said I do like the idea of Valentines day. In my house the kids, play dates, preschool, pets, grocery shopping, house chores and everything else seems to come to my mind before I am thinking about doing anything romantic for my Husband. That’s horrible when I stop and think about it!

    Valentine’s Day is a day to stop our busy lives and celebrate Love, I like that idea! Unfortunately some of us, me included don’t do anything romantic all year long, Valentines Day rolls around and we are thinking “Crap it’s here again what gift can I buy my husband…. ” lol (It’s true, I’m not the only one) So instead of being original its easy to do what everyone else does. Plus if you haven’t given it any thought there’s no time to plan something, you are to late.

    This is how valentines goes in my house, my husband will run to the store pick up dinner, chocolate and flowers. I know what’s coming. Its not a surprise. I do nothing but shave my legs. That’s it! lol . It’s the same every year. So my husband is spending some money but its not original or spontaneous in any way.
    So this year I think staying home and not spending a cent but actually planning something fun and different is a great idea. Use your imagination and get creative people. Aren’t the best gifts free anyways.

    So for the unoriginal, non romantics like myself…..I need a reminder to be romantic. Valentines is that reminder. So as I am sitting here thinking of what I could do that is free, here are my thoughts :
    Some quality time together, make a card and write your own original words of love, or just telling your partner how you feel, try to bake your favorite treats, go for a walk and have some quality conversation, you tube couples yoga and laugh your heads off trying to copy the poses! Give each other massages, light some candles, bubble baths and books! There are a ton of ideas that can be free and make your partner feel loved!

    Then just because this would be amazing…. pick another day in the near future and surprise your partner with another activity or small gesture just because you love them. That will be even more romantic than doing anything on Valentines Day because it wont be expected.
    I myself will be adding be more romantic underneath get finances in order on my 2016 list of things to accomplish!

    • purnell@outlook.com
      purnell@outlook.com says:

      Ugh totally! You’re right, we forget to stop and do something special. Favs: words, walk together, laughter, bath (who does that anymore!). You’ve inspired me too.

  4. Stephen Moyor
    Stephen Moyor says:

    Wonderful insight. My thoughts exactly. Our expression of love should be about service and the time we spend with someone, not the expenditure of money. You can’t buy true love.


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