What Your Trash Is Telling You.


This world is remarkably talented a few things. Like creating Dollar Stores, new world records for hot dog eating and to-go cups. We are consumption experts.

Have you seen the plastic islands in the sea? (photo is a surfer raising awareness in the Maldives)

Maldives Surfer


We buy things. We throw them away. We buy more things. We ship containers over from China. We sell them for a quick buck or two. Then throw them away. We forget our water bottle, so we buy plastic ones and blessed be the hearts that wash our plates when we can feed an army with disposable plates, forks and cups!

This brought me to view saving money in a whole NEW light.




Saving money is on everyone’s minds. But it’s getting redundant. Read all the current books and they’ll all tell you the same story – “make a budget”


Oh my gosh, that’s working just as well as our government’s budgeting skills (Touche Megan!)

Everyone tries one, a small percentage “get it”, while most quit and go back to where they started or worse. You’ve probably already made one and you still are looking for better ways to save more.
Everything I teach is by thinking backwards. And in this case, looking backwards, too.

And it will save you COLD HARD CASH. Want a vacation each year? Try spending a little less. Want to grow a side biz? Move these funds over to that. Want to hire a cleaner? It could pay for one.

*Ohhh now I’m interested*
The answer is under your sink. Or near it. And maybe in your bathroom. And some bedrooms too.
We focus on what we buy. What if you focus on what you throw away?
It’s your trash.
Every week, you graciously take your trash to the curb and pay for the service of having it disappear to a landfill. #thankyou

But have you assessed your trash for potent savings power?

Probably not. Here’s how.




It takes 7 days. That’s it!

First, how many freak’n bags are you tossing away for your size family? It’s likely time to shrink that down! Aim to cut it in half if you’ve never been garb-conscious, less if you are.

All week long, watch what hits the trash. No, you don’t have to dig, just pay attention. Watch what hits it most frequently:

-paper towel = reusable rags

-diapers = biodegradable diapers

-crafts/paper = buy less or with more purpose, recycle paper, go to e-mail

-clothing = try a capsule wardrobe

-food = compost or adjust as you see opportunity

-other = comment below cause I will laugh out loud at the honesty. Seriously.

THEN, look at how old they are and what you learn from that:

-years old (actually worn though or broken?)

-months old (can it be passed along? did I need it? )

-days old (is there a better solution next time?)


It’s definitely NOT to make you feel bad. Unless it actually makes you feel awful, which just means you have to take greater action! *Go for it*

Truth is… 99% of what we buy ends up in the landfill so what if you can make that only 90%. Or 80%! Or only 1% like Sweden is now doing (read and watch their video here)

You’ll save THAT much money and resources. Becuase we can’t just keep digging holes in the dirt to hide everything. Hello win-win for all.

Think it’s crazy? Try it yourself or dig yourself a hole below and leave me something you’ve learned about trash organization and awareness. #goteam



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  1. Alyssa
    Alyssa says:

    Great ideas! So much to think about and be aware of. I read an article a little while back about waste-free birthday parties that I’m really wanting to try it too. I would also add a couple things we do: cloth diapers (I have used mine with THREE kids), cloth baby wipes (because they just go in with the cloth diapers), bringing coffee/tea from home in a travel mug or mason jar rather than stopping by starbucks, and meal planning is also huge in reducing food waste!


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